I love cooking and baking!

I come from a family of very gifted women, all of which are excellent chefs and bakers, each with her own speciality. Thankfully I have inherited this gene! I don’t consider myself a great cook, but I do enjoy my experiments in the kitchen! What I really do love is baking bread. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered this passion! I’ve always enjoyed baking and cooking, but once I became a vegetarian I gave it up because everything I knew how to cook and bake did not fit with my new lifestyle.

For years I hardly turned on the stove or oven. Then, one day I was reading Yoga Journal magazine and read a review about an Indian cookbook. I was intrigued, as I really love Indian food but usually feel extremely intimidated by the long list of ingredients. This book (5 Spices, 50 Dishes by Ruta Kahate) reintroduced me to my kitchen and taught me about the dance of spices.

From then on I began cooking more often and experimenting more. I even bought an Indian cookbook full of those recipes with 30 ingredients, and enjoyed making each one of them! The more I learned about spices and different mixes, the more I enjoyed cooking; it became a little science fun. And then I discovered a TV show called Good Eats, hosted by chemist-chef Alton Brown, and learned even more about the science of cooking and baking, and then there was no turning back.

Now I cultivate my own (2 kinds) sourdough yeast culture and bake nearly every day! Even with a newborn around I still manage to bake my weekly sourdough and cook up some yummy and nutritious meals for my family.

My love for cooking, baking and eating it all has grown so much that I now want to share it with the world! Combining it with my love for photography, I’ve decided to create this blog to share recipes and display my art! Hope you enjoy!